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Innovative College Prep

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Academics. SAT. ACT. Extracurriculars. Essays. Letters of Recommendation. Interviews. Strategy. All Made Easy.

Developed by an Ivy League student, Innovative College Prep helps students grades 7-12 get accepted into the top colleges in the country, utilizing expert consulting and our innovative online platform. 



Our program developers take what they learned from getting into the most selective colleges in the country and share their knowledge of the admissions process with each of our students. Our extensive resources help students create strategic plans and based on their interests and college aspirations. With the right knowledge of the admissions process, anything is possible. 

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Free Partner Platform Access 

Live Webinars

Members have access to frequent live webinars and Q&A sessions for students from all grade levels to help them stay on track with college admissions by learning directly from a student at an Ivy League or elite university. Watch presentations, hear from speakers, and ask any college admissions questions to make the process easier and gain insight from experts. 

College Admissions: The How to guide 

Students have access to the College Admissions: How to Guide online book. This can be accessed anywhere at anytime on the website. This is a comprehensive, fundamental tool that discusses and explains successful strategies for every aspect of the admissions process. If a student is having difficulties with essays, standardized testing, or has no idea where to begin with college admissions it will make everything easy to understand. Insider tips are included throughout.

Article library

Members have access to Innovative College Prep's extensive library of articles on the college application process that provide valuable insight and information. From completing college applications, selecting colleges, to applying for financial aid, there are articles on a multitude of topics. New articles are published frequently so members have the newest, most accurate news and content.

Video library

Additionally, there is a video library with videos from college students from all over the country who discuss admission tips and information about their application experiences. Further, these videos provide information about the individual colleges all from the invaluable perspective of a current student. 


Students have access to frequent and informative email newsletters that contain information about important deadlines, testing dates, timeline management, and more. These newsletters are sent out monthly, so members have access to critical information on the admissions process. 


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